Corto Mascle

LaBRI, Bordeaux


I am a PhD student in LaBRI, Bordeaux, under the supervision of Anca Muscholl and Igor Walukiewicz. My thesis is about monitoring and control problems over models of distributed systems, but I am interested in everything related to automata, logics and games. Before that, from 2017 to 2021, I was a student at the ENS Paris-Saclay.

I am currently in charge of the Formal Methods seminar in LaBRI, with Igor Walukiewicz.


  • Verification of Population Protocols with Unordered Data
    with Steffen van Bergerem, Roland Guttenberg, Sandra Kiefer, Nicolas Waldburger and Chana Weil-Kennedy, ICALP 2024
  • Parameterized Broadcast Networks with Registers: from NP to the Frontiers of Decidability
    with Lucie Guillou and Nicolas Waldburger, FoSSaCS 2024
  • Model-checking parametric lock-sharing systems against regular constraints
    with Anca Muscholl and Igor Walukiewicz, CONCUR 2023.
  • Distributed controller synthesis for deadlock avoidance.
    with Hugo Gimbert, Anca Muscholl and Igor Walukiewicz, ICALP 2022.
  • Keyboards as a New Model of Computation.
    with Yoan Géran, Bastien Laboureix and Valentin D. Richard, MFCS 2021.
    pdf / arxiv with french version
  • Responsibility and verification: Importance value in temporal logics.
    with Christel Baier, Florian Funke, Simon Jantsch and Stefan Kiefer, LICS 2021.
  • From LTL to rLTL Monitoring: Improved Monitorability through Robust Semantics.
    with Daniel Neider, Maximilian Schwenger, Paulo Tabuada, Alexander Weinert and Martin Zimmermann, HSCC 2020.
    pdf / journal version
  • The Keys to Decidable HyperLTL Satisfiability: Small Models or Very Simple Formulas.
    with Martin Zimmermann, CSL 2020
  • On Finite Monoids over Nonnegative Integer Matrices and Short Killing Words.
    with Stefan Kiefer, STACS 2019.
    pdf / journal version

Unpublished work

  • The Complexity of Simplifying ω-Automata through the Alternating Cycle Decomposition
    with Antonio Casares.
  • Model-checking lock-sharing systems against regular constraints
  • Learning temporal formulas from examples is hard
    with Nathanaël Fijalkow and Guillaume Lagarde.
  • Controlling a Random Population is EXPTIME-hard
    with Mahsa Shirmohammadi and Patrick Totzke.


Despite some differences between presentations, I am only giving one representative set of slides for each subject.

  • Minimisation of (history-)deterministic generalised (co-)Büchi automata
    MTV seminar at LaBRI (May 2024)
  • Proving hardness of LTL learning
    GT DAAL (April 2024)
  • Simplifying acceptance conditions of omega-automata
    ATLAS (April 2024)
  • Parameterized Broadcast Networks with Registers
    MTV seminar at LaBRI (June 2023), Highlights (July 2023), YR-CONCUR (September 2023), Seminar at LIS (september 2023)
  • Model-checking lock-sharing systems against regular constraints
    GT DAAL (April 2023), CONCUR (September 2023)
  • Distributed controller synthesis for lock-sharing systems
    Seminar at LMF (April 2022), Highlights (June 2022), ICALP (July 2022), RP (October 2022), Seminar at IRISA (February 2023)
  • Keyboards
    Computer Science department seminar at ENS Paris-Saclay (February 2021), QuantLA seminar at TU Dresden (April 2021), MFCS (August 2021), LX Seminar at LaBRI (September 2021)
  • Responsibility in verification
    LICS (June 2021), Highlights (September 2021), ARPE internship defense (September 2021), MTV seminar at LaBRI (October 2021), IRIF seminar (January 2022)
  • Limits of decidability for HyperLTL satisfiabilty
    M1 internship defense (September 2019), CSL (January 2020)
  • Killing words
    L3 internship defense (September 2018), STACS (March 2019), Verification seminar at IRIF (February 2020)

Teaching (as an assistant)

Me Theoretical Computer Scientists for Future


My research blog

  • SOAP (Simple Open and Annoying Problems)